Life is quite the trickster isn’t it
Heavy shoulders
Slopped stature
Weak stance
So much weight, weight upon weight
Back to back
Continuously like a production chain
There comes a time, a need to choose
Choice becomes important
Either the dagger or ones life
What’s your choice?
Life comes with desperation
A need to defeat, to conquer
Desperation comes with claws
Brutal hands
Chocking the very life out of you
Will you succumb or conquer
Desperation is either a monster or a saviour
What’s your pick?


Memoir of childhood

Ooh white rabbit take me away after the rain has fallen and the rainbow has raised with the rage of a rose flower

Ooh white rabbit take me to wonder land and lock me in a cupboard along with my pride and prejudice

Then maybe we should turn our palms to kiln and bake china’s for the famous Pope who always preached psalm and always seemed to walk away without his pride

Ooh Peter Pan where are you for I still age in wonderland, the only thing I seem to have become is Thumberlina but I just want to remain nine

I wait for you by my window tonight so we could travel to the star behind the moon along with Tinker Bell where I would never age in Neverland .

I wrote this poem for my English poem test when I was in secondary school so I found it randomly and decided to post it, please leave a comment 😊


On those days sadness knocks on my door with flowers and a picnic basket

I’d play the music so high the floor would shake drowning out your knocks

Do you know how hard it is to fight back tears on those days depression knocks at my door reminding me, we were once lovers

I caste you away sadness

I caste you away depression

There is no place for you in me anymore

No place

Turmoil of an empty heart

The words are ripping themselves out of my heart, they seek freedom from the casket I had long buried them in, they tell me every night that they need a new host if I can’t let them feed on my soul anymore and all I say back is “soon, little ones, soon you will be free but it’s not my place to let you out, you come out when your host can no longer harbour you”.



This days the silence is suffocating

This silence is so loud

I have grown deaf to the silence and mute to words

Are you drowning, in this silence?

It’s claws are scratching against my skin

Are you chocking, in it?

How does it feel to hear, to listen

I see the man beating the omele and gangan

I see the masquerades dancing to this soundless music

I look around and everyone else is clapping and I find my hands clapping but I don’t hear a single sound

My head is loud but the world is quite

It’s silent but I feel the echo bouncing from wall to wall

Echoes of silence

Silence never betrays

I want to hear even if its a pin drop.


Owls that wanted to be nightingales

Vultures that wanted to be eagles

Parrots that wanted to be ravens

Hawks that wanted to be Phoenix

Ducks that wanted to be swans

Ostrich that wanted to be peacocks

Chickens that wanted to be turkeys

Pigeons that wanted to be cardinals

Monkeys that wanted to be man

Man that wanted to be an angel

And an Angel who wanted it all left with no wings

We all want to be better, to be different but you are forever you ,for all eternity

So darling, wishes are meant to be wished for, for they do not belong to your being.